Ice Cream Cooling Pet Bandana

Ice Cream Cooling Pet Bandana

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Our furry four-legged friends are always on the go... It is important to always keep some type of cooling application and water when hiking, training, working or even just playing or walking. The process is simple, just wet it, wring it and shake it, place it on your dogs neck, chest or even back and the bandana will start the cooling process.


- Chemical-free and non toxic

- One size fits most

- Machine Washable

- Wash with cold water and detergent only, tumble dry low or hang to dry.

- Premium breathable mesh

- Durability with vibrant crisp colors.

- Handmade & handcrafted

- Designed to last with comfort and style.

- Features special cooling technologies. style.

Frenchiestore is an eco-friendly, ethically made brand based in Illinois. Their products are specifically engineered for the health needs of French Bulldogs, and they are a great option for any breed. No plastic is used in any Frenchiestore product.